LISTEN: Tegan and Sara infuse movie soundtrack with dose of ’80s pop

The record is scheduled to be released June 3, almost a month after my graduation. Synths are nothing new for the group, but the song changed the look of Tegan and Sara from guitar strummers to a legit pop band. The twins also crafted songs differently than their past works. Upon hearing the pop-leaning songs for the first time, the servings can feel a bit too sweet. Her issue is less a critique on the craft than a response from the two throwing a curveball at their fans. Admittedly, the shift in creative direction from Tegan and Sara was a bit unexpected. But in retrospect, the duo may have been a tad ahead of the game. The pop punk band, too, ascended in as a major pop force via its self-titled album, fueled by bright synths and enormous hooks.

Heartthrob (vinyl)

The most 90s of all, however, is how much time the twins spend on the telephone. Friendships, love affairs and messy personal sagas all take place over a shared landline. Today, Tegan and Sara Quin are calling separately from their homes close to each other in Vancouver to explain why they have decided to revisit their adolescence in great, probing detail. To listen to them chatting away down the line is apt. It brings the book so vividly to life that I almost find myself twirling an imaginary cord around my finger.

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Since the time of the interview, Tegan and Sara released Love You To Death, their eighth studio album, and established the Tegan and Sara Foundation, an organization that fights for health, economic justice and representation for LGBTQ girls and women. Asymmetric haircuts were everywhere when Tegan and Sara Quin made a two-day stop in Manila for their first-ever concert in the Philippines. A meet-and-greet with the Canadian twins, organized on the night before their November show, approached boy-band levels of barely contained giddiness.

The self-described awkward geeks — lady-loving ones, at that — have finally been granted a place at the popular table, to the delight of fans who see themselves in the twins and share their victories. Visiting places for the first time can be tricky for gay artists like them. Tegan admitted they declined a previous offer to go to Malaysia because its laws criminalize homosexuality Malaysia also issued a fatwa against tomboys in

Tegan and Sara to stage Singapore concert

But that was the moment where I was like, no, no, this really is cathartic to sing this, to scream on stage every night, and watch everyone else scream along. When I say exactly how I feel, it really seems to connect. Our musical director suggested doing it on piano, and it really transports me back to the first few times we played it live. I have to kind of not look because it makes me very sensitive. Sara and I were both so obsessed with him liking the song enough to put it on his record that we both were writing on it.

“Boyfriend” is a song written and recorded by Canadian musical duo Tegan and Sara for their eighth studio album, Love You to Death (). The twins co-wrote the track with its producer, Greg Kurstin, who had previously worked with them on the majority of their breakthrough album, Heartthrob (). Inspired by a love triangle from Sara Quin’s past in which she was dating a.

The Canadian alternative pop duo returns to Milwaukee in support of “Heartthrob,” a slick album that marks a new chapter without betraying their old sound. Heartfelt Heartthrobs: Tegan and Sara Quin. Photo: Lyndsey Byrnes. Alternative pop sister duo Tegan and Sara spent the last decade charming audiences with their hook-laden and hyper catchy songs, first in their native Canada and eventually across the globe.

As the band progressed, their sound became a bit more refined, with the band incorporating louder electric guitars into the mix. Tegan and Sara will be returning to the Pabst Theater tonight, in support of their latest album Heartthrob. Tegan and Sara have progressed with every release. Heartthrob is no exception. While the band has always had subtle electro-pop leanings on various tracks in the past, Heartthrob focuses more intently on them, turning down the distorted guitars and live drums and turning up the synthesizers and programmed rhythms.

Tegan and Sara make their return to the Pabst Theater tonight. Tickets are still available and can be purchased here. Follow Sahan Jayasuriya on Twitter and Instagram at sahanicyouth. You must be an Urban Milwaukee member to leave a comment. Learn more.

Shock to Your System: An Interview with Tegan and Sara

Surely not. Surely identical twins Tegan and Sara Quin who comprise the Grammy-nominated musical duo Tegan and Sara have better things to do than watch me splutter through questions about their personal lives between pints and pints of water until I am red in the face. To preface: Tegan and Sara are extremely important. Mostly, they kept adamantly doing things they way they wanted to until the mainstream eventually caught up with them – arms open, poised for embrace.

I don’t tell them this, though. Instead, I asked them a bunch of questions about food and drugs and body modification.

The biggest twins in pop are returning to where it all began with High School, a book chronicling the acid, raves, girlfriends and guitars that.

Tegan and Sara are not moving to St. Louis, they are just coming here to play The Pageant on October 22, but the identical twin sister co-bandleaders from Canada really understand this place from past visits. I really love that. She and her twin sister, who grew up in Calgary, are now living in the same city on the West Coast, Vancouver, rather than the middle of Canada, after straddling the continent for more than a decade while Sara Quin lived in Montreal.

To keep the band together, she said, they have learned new ways to communicate that are not twin sisters clawing at each other, yet the underlying bond of sisterhood also is critical to their longevity. But I am grateful to play in a band with Sara. I love the way she writes, and being in a band with her is really special. In recent years, they restructured more than their working relationship.

Tegan and Sara made that big, bold pop break with Heartthrob Their new record, Love You to Death , continues with the big pop dance sound, but their business strategy has changed. Enough with the support slots. We want to bring our message and band all over the world.

Then Is Now: The Return of Tegan and Sara

The Canadian duo of Tegan and Sara kick off their seventh album Heartthrob with “Closer”, an infectious, hook-ridden single that is poised to introduce the indie rock veterans to a broader mainstream audience. A mid-career shift from critical acclaim to critical mass is not without its risks, particularly in the case of a band with a devoted fan base, drawn to the band’s indie folk roots dating back to a appearance at Lilith Fair and bolstered by their major indie breathrough, the single, “Walking With A Ghost” which was later covered by the White Stripes.

Just ask Liz Phair, who had the gall to endure the wrath of a passionate fan base by daring to ring in the tenth anniversary of her ground breaking indie album Exile in Guyville with an audacious stab at pop stardom. Yet in an interview with PopMatters, Tegan Quin, one-half of the twin sister duo, seems to take the prospect of broader public attention in stride. While Tegan and Sara have been known for undertaking stylistic and musical changes with each of their releases, the band charts a new course with Heartthrob.

After achieving critical success working with producer Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie on The Con and Sainthood , the band works with a trio of producers this time out, including Greg Kurstin one-half of the Bird and the Bee , Mike Elizondo known for work in the pop world as well as collaborations with Dr.

to scale the charts (their album, Heartthrob, debuted at number 3 on the Tegan and Sara Quin have become torchbearers for Their hummable, Windex-wiped new single “Boyfriend” is about dating a woman who’s.

When the lights go down between songs at a Tegan and Sara show, you never know what will happen next. They might reveal Tegan tuning an acoustic guitar, or spotlight Sara as she launches into an extended monologue about the recent spate of people dressing as clowns and lurking around in wooded areas. They repeatedly thanked the sold-out crowd for their support, and even good-naturedly responded to some especially random outbursts.

Kicking off the show, Tegan told the audience that there were three things she and her sister want when they take the stage. All three goals were easily accomplished. The almost Vaudevillian way in Tegan and Sara ribbed each other throughout the show was endearing and hysterical. Aside from two small sample pads that the two would often stand behind, there were only three tracks that saw either member actually pick up an instrument in each case it was Tegan on guitar.

For longtime fans, this was a marked departure from the Tegan and Sara shows of yore, but the duo has moved into the arena of synth-soaked ballads with their last two records, and the focus is now squarely on their voice. As wonderful as the music was, watching Tegan and Sara interact with their fans was equally entertaining. At that moment, someone else threw a bra onto the stage.

Boyfriend (Tegan and Sara song)

As their profile has grown, the Quin sisters have also established themselves as significant queer voices in the music industry. Now, 20 years after they released debut album Under Feet Like Ours , Tegan and Sara are allowing themselves to reflect on their personal evolution. With both the book and album about to drop, I spoke to Sara Quin about the complicated and sometimes painful emotions she experienced while working on these projects.

Nick Levine: What did you learn about your teenage self from writing this memoir? Sara Quin: I think by the time we were finishing the memoir, I had such admiration for myself as a teenager.

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Thank you for your patience in waiting for us to post the latest Ask Tegan. To submit your question for Tegan, please email us at teganandsara. Hannah writes: I have recently started dating someone who lives far away from me, I know you have been dating someone for awhile so I was wondering if you have any tips for long distance relationships?

Is it difficult to date someone and be in a band? Do you like to have them come out on the road with you? Thanks so much. I have dated multiple people long distance. Also, being in a band is kinda like being long distance all the time. The big thing is communication. You need to find a balance to how and when and why you communicate. Long distance also means establishing a strong foundation and social circle to support you.

And lastly, keep things fresh by meeting in the middle, have date nights over the computer, sending letters in the mail and allowing the distance to feel like a privledge rather than a burden.

Music stars Tegan and Sara open up about being twins, their relationship and their sexuality

For 13 years Tegan and Sara have been unraveling the acute pain of heartbreak through moody indie rock. Now on their seventh album, Heartthrob , the pixie-like Canadian twins have shifted gears and brought their fans an album that feels distinctly more playful. They worked with Greg Kurstin who has worked with P!

Heartbreak may not have escaped this album, but it takes a backseat to recalling the excitement of that first teen crush. At two sold-out shows at the Beacon Theatre in New York this week, over 2, people danced against their seats, nearly every song echoed back word-for-word. After 90 days of touring, the show had been postponed for a month due to illness Tegan had strep, and Sara a hour flu.

LISTEN: Tegan and Sara infuse movie soundtrack with dose of ’80s pop. By John R. Kennedy Global News. Posted October 17, pm. Updated.

It was the summer after they had graduated from high school, and the twins had decided to pursue music instead of going to university. The next day, they woke up to a three-page, front-to-back single-spaced letter from a friend of a cousin, a guy in his 20s, who congratulated them on the performance Told in alternating chapters from each of their perspectives, the book revisits the traumas and transformations of their acid-fueled dirtbag teen years, during which they discovered music and navigated their sexuality as young queer women in mids Calgary.

But the familiarity struck her: How many times over the years had men—friends, musicians she admired, random people she had sat next to on airplanes—given her unsolicited advice about how they could make their music less simple that was the word they always used and more interesting to them? But another question nagged at her: Why—after eight studio albums, a million records sold, a handful of awards—had she believed them on some level? But Sara clung to it. The letter got one thing right, though: They did have a real chance.

And long before they shared their journey to becoming artists in High School , they offered listeners a different kind of how-to manual through multiple documentaries , fake talk shows , web series , and batches of homemade demos , turning Tegan and Sara into not just a band but a content house ahead of its time.

A Momentous First Date with… Tegan and Sara!

Generally favorable reviews – based on 31 Critic Reviews What’s this? Universal acclaim – based on 89 Ratings. See all 31 Critic Reviews. See all 26 User Reviews. Record Label: Warner Bros.

To celebrate Pride, BusinessWorld is bringing out an article first published in December about Tegan and Sara’s first and (to date) only.

The audience cheered, and Sara Quin scoffed. The adults who love her band, listening to her speak in , treated her like a hero. As she told this story, it had the air of a myth being born—or rather, reborn. Teenagedom might be the phase of life most vividly signposted by pop culture, which has coughed up uncountable tales of bullies and outcasts, cheerleaders and quarterbacks, virginity anxieties and promposals, and so on.

Now the year-old Calgary twins fling open their teenage yearbooks for public consumption. In the new memoir High School , they trade off terse, reflective chapters about their adolescence. The focus on high school may seem strange for adults midway through their career. But Tegan and Sara have reason to dwell on puberty. These are not musicians who fumbled until they found a creative partner; they developed, professionally and personally, in tandem and in youth.

The two sisters then began to write music separately, in private—but neither could keep her new hobby hidden from the other for long.

Tegan And Sara – Moments 2

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